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Believe in love, have love, and find love. Not just a person or sexually, just believe in love for anything you love, have a love, and a place in your heart, so then till the end you find it and enjoy it. You believe in it and you get it. Even devil did get love, love from all the Satanism.

When I thinking I come to the point that everything or at least almost everything it´s about love. The love of your life, your man, loves to anything, your job, money, travelling, your religion, your family and so many things. It s all love.

Our life is the ground of love. We all are doing everything because of love. You work because you may love your job, you love the money that you deserve, you love your family, you love your feature and that s why you even live, that´s why you doing things.

So when all this, I mean almost everything is about love, so is it one thing that isn t right. You don t know what love is, and how we should handle all love. The rest it s come self, just love yourself the moment, and believe in yourself to. And don t forget one thing, you love a person first and it s you.

For me is something, I mean the biggest love so wonderful and that´s for sure your partner someone you love and share everything whit. That we can´t write about.

This is confused but when you come to the end, you really understand the word love. And how many things you use the word love for, and when you rush because of love.

· How many times I try to find an explosion to love, I till the end, did come to the real big love to someone.
· So love is different, on love is: I love this thing I really LIKE it.
· And the other is I love him I can t DESCRIBE it.
· So I think after all just do your thing and believe then you find both.

Ovanstående inlägg publicerades 2011-08-27 klockan 16:15. Visste du att med positiva förebilder blir världen lite bättre med små, enkla medel?

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